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Welcome to a place of healing and rediscovery

Healing Resonance is a safe place for everyone. You are here because you are ready to transform your life and reconnect to your whole self. I have been called to guide you in your journey and I set the intention to always show up as my highest self in support of your highest and best.

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Resonance Repatterning®

Resonance Repatterning® is a holistic healing approach that aims to help individuals align with their true nature by identifying and transforming non-coherent patterns in their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. By attuning to one's home frequency, which represents states of coherence such as love, joy, and vitality, a person can experience personal growth and improved relationships.

Non-coherent patterns often stem from earlier life experiences, where basic needs were not met, leading to negative feelings and beliefs. These patterns can persist and attract similar experiences, causing a cycle of negativity and misalignment with one's true nature.

The Resonance Repatterning® system uses a combination of client input and applied kinesiology (muscle checking) to identify and clear non-coherent patterns.

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Resonance Repatterning® Session

Magui Block®

I am trained in the Magui Block® system of Healing the Family and Attract the Love of your Life. I am currently finalizing the certification process for all the processes in this system that provides deep and fast transformations.

Healing the Family or Attract the love of your life Session

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Intuitive Practitioner

I hold an Intuitive Practitioner Certification from the Sacred Balance Institute of Lori Lipten.
I consider it an honor to be able to channel messages from loved ones in spirit and to facilitate healing through shamanic practices such as chakra clearing, essence retrieval, power animal retrieval and soul retrieval.
I can also access your Akashic records to answer questions, seek healing and retrieve messages for your highest and best.

Intuitive Session

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